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“Do not enter her forest uninvited or a guest to her wrath you shall be welcomed with”.

A warning shared between native tribes of the danger in trespassing inside a spirit’s domain. Spirits such as the Tamaska, a giant wolf like being living deep within a secluded northern forest. To natives, she is seen as protective and wise to those who seek her help. Sometimes, even offering her land as a source of travel or food when resources are low before winter. As long as the spirit is shown respect, she will let humans pass into her land unscathed, even protecting them from harm until leaving her domain.

However, such hospitality can change to animosity quite quickly if the traveler enters her land in secret, especially with malice in their heart. This entity of warmth and compassion can easily turn into a ferocious beast when provoked, utmost when pain is inflicted to her children.

To those disrespecting her land and the creatures residing within, she would show them wrath. Attacking those who entered uninvited until they are weak and defenseless. Up until her true hunger for retribution kicks in.

When that time comes, the Tamaska will grab the unwanted guest and devour them whole. The newly added snack, now imprisoned in her trans-lucid flesh, incapable to interact with the outside world, can only struggle for freedom. The view and the breathing of the beast keeping them company until their breathing stop to existing.

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