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Monster lore rules

How it works

Once a month, I will be creating a new monster lore. On that month, I will be opening slots for the next month's creature.

Ex: December will open January slots.

Each monster has a limited slot opening that will be shared on the monster description. So it will be first come first serve. The slots will open each first of the month and will close at the end of it. you can see the different scheduled monsters here:

By referring yourself to the list, you can see what type and how many slots will be open. Once you have found a creature that got your eyes,  you can register in that monster waitlist where you can add your name and character information.

Prey rules

Being that those monsters are from another story I am working on, only humans will be allowed unless written otherwise. If I start drawing people's monsters, animals, humanoids and others, viewers may end up confused about the universe and its lore and it's not something I wish to happen.

Here are the rules to become a prey

1- Please note that no pornographic content will be allowed

2- the character must be yours or have the permission of the owner. (offer proof)

3- Only humans will be allowed unless specified

4- The clothing of your character will have to follow the time period of the featured monster.

5- No vorish scene will be shared to the public. If you wish to see the full content you can do so by buying a membership or by buying the content in my store.

you will have to offer a reference of your avatar or the OC you wish to become a meal to. things like

> -height

> -body type

> -colour palette

>- hair

>- eyes

and so on...

if you don't have a sheet or any reference you can share link of feature you would went in you character

not offering references will forfeit your place for that lore.


Once you are subscribed to the monster waitlist you will receive a message confirming your registration. Once the time has come for the monster you selected to open for lunch, you will receive a message warning you of slots opening.


When that time comes, you will have to quickly get yourself a ticket to become that monster's prey. Those tickets are only available to get at that time until all are taken. For the time being those tickets are free until decided otherwise. Getting a ticket will make you the prey of that particular monster. Only one ticket per person.


Each new monster gets two coloured illustrations. One being of vorish nature. They will also get 4 to 7 doodles of them eating their prey in a sequence style. Only the regular content will be available to the public. All progress, streaming and content will be shared with paid members.

and with this, I wish you good luck!!!

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