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  • Can i use your art?
    As long as it is not for monetary gain and that i'm am being credited i don't see a wrong in that. You want to use one of my monster in your next D&D game? go right ahead ^^ Unless the content is under paywall. i put a lot of time and sweat on these contents and they shouldn't be share to the public. it would also be unfair for the buyer of the content having paid for the content to now it being available to all for free.
  • Can i use your art in AI?
    Not really
  • Do you draw porn?
    I do not. I do create content that could be seen as erotic but never pornographic in nature. I will touch at subject that could be seen as sexual to some but not all. Every suject in this world can turn into sexual kinks in the eye of a individual. Everyone see thing differently and i will not police how they see my work. As long as it is harmless and not going against the law, i don't see the wrong in that and will not judge.
  • Can i trace your art?
    If you want to trace one of my artwork to use has a base, sure! Only by practicing can one improve. i found, when i was younger, that tracing picture helped me learn quite a lot about anatomy. It would be quite hypocrite of me to refuse other to do the same with mine. I mean i still am tracing in a sense but now i create my own 3D reference to trace. I highly recommend trying it ;3 If you want help with that i would be happy to share some of my knowledge with you.
  • Do you do commission?
    i do not for the time being. My full time job take a lot of my time and the rest is centered on the comic Lost Souls and the monster lore each month. Maybe one day?
  • Can i use one of the lore for personal content?
    Sure, you want to create a fanfic with one of those monster of use one for your D&D campaing. Go right ahead. A long as you don't pass them as your own or monetize them has adoptable species, i'm happy to share my creativity with others. All i ask is to be credited.
  • Can i suggest a monster?
    Sure! i'm always happy to hear peoples ideas and share creativity with others ^^
  • Can i pay to get a snack slot?
    Being that this feature is new it is in beta mode at this moment and free for all to use. With a first come first serve mentality. Later along the line, if the feature become popular i may just monetise it. but for now will see how it goes
  • Can i use a past monster has my predator instead of the one featured?
    Unfortunatly no. You cannot change the monster featured that month for an past one. BUT... Each halloween i am making special content call Voretober. Where 4 individu can decided on one predator of their choice from the library of monster created so far. All you have to do is register in the waitlist of october and wait until the slots open.
  • Why can't i see certain section?
    Some of the content is lock behind a paywall. think of it has a platform like patreon where only those who support the artist can see extra content. in those content you have a post feature like patreon where i will post all my updates. there is also a section where people will have access to all my art from the very begining of my web journey till now. they is also a video section of my late streaming and future ones.
  • How do i become a paid member?
    Go to the membership section and choose your plan.
  • How do i cancel my membership?
    It is quite easy. Go to your profile menu and click the subcription section. there you will find the button to cancel your membership.
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