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Help support my monster creativity ;3

  • Naite Tier

    Every month
    let you have access to all none vorish illustration since 2010.
    • access to progress update
    • early access to illustration
    • access to reguliar streaming
    • discount on the comic
  • Chikyu Tier

    Every month
    let you have access to all comic content. you will also get a 100% discount on all PDF sales
    • access to original comic
    • access to comic progress update
    • access to pages extra
    • access to recorded streaming of the comic
  • Hybrid Tier

    Every month
    Have access to all content related to vore.
    • access to the uncensored version of monster lore
    • have access to vorish recored streaming
    • have access to vorish illustration
    • have a early access to prey raffle lore
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