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« Do not be controlled by lust or it may someday devour you. »

An old saying, forgotten in time, warning men of the dangers with a thirst for lust that even they can't fulfill.


Like the Syleillä. A creature that disguises itself as a young, voluptuous woman that charms men to bed. Like other creatures of lust, this species charms their prey, instigating them to the taste of flesh. Once in bed with their prey, and to humor their meal to be, the creature will participate in their sexual hunger until climax.


 Once intercourse is completed on the side of the prey, the creature will reveal itself to them. Most lustful creatures have the ability to create pheromones that are capable of incapacitating the prey into submission, making them mindless slaves. The Syleillä doesn’t possess such pheromones, which leaves the prey completely aware of the situation. Thus, consumption can be challenging.


To keep their meal from fighting back they will use their wings situated on their lower back to tightly surround the prey and pin them in place. Caught in the net made of flesh, they are left with little chance of escape. Such a tactic is where the Syleillä get the nickname “purple embrace”.

While the prey is struggling the creature will start her feeding, using the rune situated on her pubis to absorb the confined meal's vitality.


The end of the meal is the most intense part of the feeding for the Syleillä. Such intensity makes them climax in pure pleasure, some times crushing the captive with their wings.


Once done with its feast, it will leave the carcass of the prey behind and disappear into the night. At least, until hunger strikes again.

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