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"Do not respond to the rhythm of greed, unless adding to its ten thousand year feast you shall be".

An old saying passed down generation after generation, warning the villagers of the danger sleeping below. One fasting until the time of feasting begins anew.

Such entity of terror is depicted in stories as a giant monster of scales named Sajakrakus. Legend has it that it is at least one hundred feet in length, which offers little challenge to this big mass of hunger. Once it awakens from its slumber of ten thousand years, so too does a ravenous hunger.

This massive lizard, unlike other predators, is lured by sound. Some legends say that it enjoys singing while it hunts, playing with its prey’s mind until it's captured. It is even said that the beast would use its captured prey's screams and pleas as vocal additions to its own singing.

All types of prey are fair game for this gluttonous monster. With the help of their two hundred foot tongue, there is little chance of escaping its hungry maw. Once you have become its next target it will follow you with glee, singing along to your sounds of distress questioning the way it will add it to the cacophony trapped within.

If this giant reptile enjoys the sound of terror from a specific prey, it will separate it from the other prisoners deep in its gullets and instead, place it in a small pocket inside its neck. This action can take a few tries for the lizard to accomplish, but once tucked in, it can appreciate the melody away from the rest of the commotion, keeping the owner as a nice bedside snack before slumber.

Once full from its feast, it will go back to its den nice and plump. Taking one last snack if any in it nice comfy bed of leaves. Falling little by little into a food coma while listening to the lullaby within. Leaving the rest of the world, once more, safe from its melody of greed.

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