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“Be careful to whom you share your values or you may someday lure more then what you have bargained for.”

An old saying warning young men of the dangers lurking in houses of pleasure. Such as the Nekríra, a spider creature that targets strong young men for their values. She is known to venture into human towns and hide in brothels, taking the appearance of a woman of pleasure.

In the night she would lurk the streets near the establishment to capture and devour drunk men. Once she found one who seemed nutritious, she will revert to her true form and gobble him up to its shoulder. With his screams muffled, she injects her prey with a powerful venom. Rapidly, their organs and muscles will liquefy and be drank by the spider, leaving only a mass of skin and bones behind.

With the danger of being found out getting more and more present, the Nekríra can’t stay in towns for long, which is why she need to quickly find a suitable mate to her liking. She will do so by rubbing shoulders with men in the brothel, learning their strengths and values in the process.

When she finds interest in one of them, she will propose herself to him and follow him to a room. If the men refused, she will follow him home in secret. There she will take her real form and quickly seal her future husband’s mouth and bind his movements in fear of alerting other villagers. She will then keep her husband company all night long until sunrise.

The next day, she’ll start webbing silk around her mate until he’s enveloped in a big and round threading, leaving nothing of him to be seen. When it is done, she will split her mandible open and, with much difficulty, swallow it AND him whole. When completely swallowed, she will revert back to her human form and hide some of the mass with binding and clothes.

The Nekríra will then leave the town with her husband hidden within, keeping him nice and secure for the long journey ahead of them. Once she gets to the security of her lair, she will release the ball of silk and welcome her husband to his new home. In the confrontation, she will stab her mate in the abdomen and inject her clutch of eggs in him.

To make sure her mate doesn’t harm himself, she will bind him in her webs and take care of him. Little by little, the eggs will grow and take more space in the husband’s body. When the eggs are ready to hatch, depending on the spider’s affection toward her husband, will kill him out of

compassion. Giving him one last kiss before chomping his head off, freeing him from the eminent pain within. She may even keep the skull as a souvenir, leaving the rest for their children to

consume the remainder of the corpse from the inside.

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