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Moon assembly leader

“Show respect to the temple of the Zodiac Queen or luck and wealth will be the last of your worries.” 

An old saying, almost forgotten in today’s age, warning visitors of their behaviour towards the temple of the moon dragon.

This beastly goddess is known as one of the twelve creatures who separated the world between beast and human. Seeing the devastating condition of humans degrading, she decided to join the moon assembly. With their combined power, they relocated ¾ of humans to another dimension that is only accessible underwater.

Such an act scared the rulers of Animus. Now with their livestock diminished, they started fighting for each other's assets. War became a daily situation for all kingdoms, with all trying to steal each other’s resources.

Seeing the destruction occurring, the scaly beast decided to become the head of the assembly and meet with the rulers. To stop this bloodshed, she decided to offer humans as offerings every twelve years which would be calculated as one hundred and twenty years in the human world. Giving the time for humans to repopulate between each offering. With the rulers, she created laws to stop any potential fight over human ownership. One is marking them with their owner seal, making it impossible for others to steal them away as their own. All who do would be caught and put to death in front of all to see.

With those laws now in play, chaos subdued. Leaving the newly appointed leader to return to the others, informing them of the deal between the two worlds. The assembly didn’t approve at first but reluctantly accepted, afraid to anger such an overbearing creature.

Grateful for the moon assembly's protection, humans started worshipping them. Creating temples for each one to celebrate and offer gifts to them each new year to show their appreciation. Each year, they would celebrate with food, music and dance, thanking one of the beasts for a new year of prosperity, abundance and togetherness.

As the century changed, so did the history of the celebration and its importance. Some go so far as desecrating the beasts' sanctuary, forgetting the symbols each one once represented. Such an act is mostly ignored by the other beasts, ending with their sanctuary in ruin and forgotten. But their leader, being a creature of pride and nobility won’t let such disrespect leave her domain unscathed.

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