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"Do not shine light into abyss or the monsters beneath, to your doom you shall bring."

Under the water, secluded within complex caves where sunlight can never reach lives a species of merfolk, small in statues, childlike in appearance and ghostly in form. It is from this appearance that they gain their name of Merroh, or Mer-Ghost. Due to their natural habitat, they have a fascination with light and given the bio-luminescent bulbs upon their head, and down their spine, they tend to live in packs.

This innocent appearance however hides their true intentions as they have a particular delight in hunting prey larger than themselves. Swimming with great speed, their mouths agape, Merroh try to gulp down their victims as much as possible in one swoop, multiple rows of sharp teeth quickly latching on to hold their prey firm until they can manage the next burst of speed to draw things in deeper, their ribs pushing and moving their prey to curl up as needed. Due to this, ingestion is a slow and painful experience for any caught with little to no hope of escape.

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