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“Follow the tail of gold that glitter beneath the ocean’s surface which leads to untold riches that await to be claimed”

A common chant among sailors and traders alike about the Merinoro though it hardly does it duty to just how dangerous they are. The Merinoro tend to reside in and around shipwrecks, specially those that house treasure, always adding to it whenever possible. Particularly old colonies tend to have more than just a single shipwreck after many successful luring of sailors to their grim fates.

It comes down to the males to sink the lured ships, making use of their larger size and strength to tear and break the very hull and once sailors begin to fall into the water then it is a feeding frenzy between each other. Food isn’t the only reason for them to do this as the sailors that tend to wear visible jewelry are spared, guarded and served as offerings to females whom will then use their majestic forms and dark allure to draw in the stranded men, snatching them from the safety of their refuge, dragging them into the depths to devour them whole.

Death however does not come swiftly for these men as the females seek a safe haven in which to enjoy their meal, and the spoils that come from such. They expel water from their bellies through a set of gills to lose excess weight to remain mobile and able to evade potential predators. More often than not, they return to their ever growing hoard of treasure, dragging the men exactly to where they desire yet only Davy Jone’s cold locker await them.

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