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"Beware, adventurer, never follow the smell of sweetness in the air or doom shall follow".

A native warning to travelers about the forest’s dangerous vegetation. Like the matris'dolorem amplexus, also call the Mǔqīnyǒngbào. A carnivorous flower disguised as a beautiful crying woman. This plant lures their prey with the sweet smell of their tears capable to invect the mentality of the prey by smell. The prey is slowly inebriated by the smell of the sweet nectar and eventually causing them to blackout. The prey, without realizing it, will move closer to the flower leaves.

Once in contact, the flower will, with its arm like leaves, embrace and capture their prey. This action will snap the prey out of the drunken-like state, giving them control of their senses once more. Prey captured by the Mǔqīnyǒngbào can only struggle for freedom in their tight embrace. The struggle will last hours as the plant will slowly compacte the prey more and more with their leave and flower petals.

Once the prey is curled up with barely any energy left, the Mǔqīnyǒngbào will open their chest ready to welcome their meal. The prey, now far too exhausted to escape, can barely fight back from the flower rocking, placing more and more of the prey inside.

When all tucked in, the plant will close its mid transparent chest were the prey can still be seen struggling. Little by little, the prey will be submerged by the sweet alluring nectar, taking away its last hope of escape.

The nectar will keep the prey alive but will slowly start attacking it nervous system, turning it into a vegetable. Incapable to think or feel anything, the prey will be nothing more than an empty shell of meat.

Once the main body of the Mǔqīnyǒngbào is in need of food, it will push the meal out of its storage area and will guide it to it final destination where it will be digested. The process can take years, giving the flower the chance to catch another prey by then. A Mǔqīnyǒngbào main body can create ten to twenty flower trap each, dispersing them all around the forest.

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