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“Do not be allured by what shines in the darkness below, or that very light may drag you to your death.”

A merfolk reminder to warn the young-ling from the dangers that hide in the deep below. Like the Kalaakamai, an octopus-like creature. It has the ability to change colour at will which is where they get their nickname, “Colourful Lure”. They like to live in caves at the bottom of the ocean where the light can barely reach.

Due to their shiny skin pigmentation, it is difficult for this aquatic entity to hide from predators while also hunt prey without being noticed. The Kalaakamai, being one of the smarter creatures in the sea, has the ability to learn and create different devices for its survival using sunken human technology.

This mer type creature doesn’t hunt its meal, but rather wait patiently in its den until a potential prey passes near its home. Which normally happens when a shoal of mermaid pass by to get to their hunting ground.

Depending on the type of aquatic creature, the Kalaakamai will set a trap to lure the prey closer to its hidden home. One such tactic is to use their glow to shine some shells that would peek the interest of nearby prey.

When the prey gets close enough, the octopus-like creature will trigger the trapdoor to open and quickly grab the prey. Once captured, it will drag the prey inside the cave and close the trapdoor behind. This only takes a few seconds, leaving no chance for the prey to react.

Now that the prey is locked away from the rest of its shoal, the predator can swallow the prey to its storage chamber without worry. When the chamber closes on its prey, the Kalaakamai will go back to its den with the prey struggling inside.

A prey can stay inside the storage chambers for weeks alive. However, once the

Kalaakamai’s hunger strikes, the prey will be push into the predators chest and slowly be digested. All bone remains and garments will be regurgitated while the rest will be ejected from the siphons

positioned each side of the human like shoulders.

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