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"Avoid entering the purple mist; otherwise, your desire will turn you into a feast."

An ancient proverb alerting young woodsmen to the danger that can be found within the enigmatic purple mists that appear in the forest in early spring. 

These ethereal hazes are produced by lust-driven beings known as Dushababochki. These creatures are known for their beautiful butterfly wings capable of producing a powdered mist affecting the mind to all venturing in it. 

The prey will begin to experience its most lustful thoughts after a short while in the mist. The prey will mistake the winged beast for the object of their desire, unable to distinguish between fact and imagination. 

The Dushababochki will tease the prey for a little while before stabbing it with her winged claws, weakening the strength of the prey's muscles and nerves. Additionally, this will increase the prey's libido, which will make it easier for the butterfly creature to draw out its victim's essence.

Unlike other lustful creatures, the Dushababochki cannot absorb the essence of its prey through contact. Rather, they must draw the prey's essence from within and then extract it from its body. They first kill all of the nerves that control the jaw muscle by encircling the prey's head with their mandible. Such an act will make it impossible for it to bite down in the collecting process.

The winged beast will open its jaw and begin sticking its tongue inside its victim's mouth once the prey's jaw nerves have been totally destroyed. The poor soul who can hardly fight back will not be able to stop the invasion from spreading farther inside.

The victim essence will begin to be drawn towards the beast tongue rune. The tongue will coat the essence particles to prevent them from escaping using saliva that resembles wax. Upon gathering all essence, the Dushababochki will seize the soft wax prison and extract it entirely using her tongue.

The wax prison will solidify into a lovely ball of light as soon as it is taken out of the victim. The essence eater will then consume the shiny ball in its entirety, leaving behind nothing but an empty corpse. 

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