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“Fortune and health will come to those that wear the twine of fate.”

An old saying that mothers say to their betroth daughter preparing for their wedding. Being an important fusion between families, the bride parents would looks high and low for the best textile their is for their daughter going has far has to venture in the wild over a rumoured maiden capable to create the most vibrant colour of red textile imaginable.

They would find such being in a little shop surrounded by red spider lilies field. In exchange for the textile the maiden will not ask money nor valuable object, but labour on her field until the fabric is completely made. For those accepting such payment they would pass days even weeks labouring the mysterious woman field without a single glance of the rumoured fabric in sight. If the client give up on is part of the deal than the monstrous truth underneath, to them, shall be reveal.

The Drilys is an arachnid like creature that like to live in small group of 3 to 5. hiding behind a human form, the elder sister interact with traveller hoping to make them their next meal. If the traveller goes against their

contract, they are silently captured and dragged in the spiders hideout situated under the field. Their silk being so

valuable, they rater use rope to immobilize their new prey. the Drilys will then use there pin like fang to poison the prey. Their saliva will automatically close the wound to not spill such important resource.

Once the prey is infected, the Drilys will start swallowing it hole. Except for their fang, this spider creature has no teeth. Instead they have soft little hooks situated in their mouth and throat that help keep the prey in. The creature need to make haste in consuming her prey so that the effect of the poison doesn't diminish the quality of the material. Once the prey is confine in the monster human belly, it doesn’t take long before the poison start showing effect.

After a few minutes, the prey start spilling blood from all orifice, filling the monster belly. Such condition can last 1 to 2 whole day with the prey still intact and breathing. Once the prey is anemic of blood the arachnid poison will start softening it and push it further down were death await. Everything that isn’t liquefy will be regurgitated by the creature only leaving the red tint substance of the prey. This substance will be absorbed in the body has nutrient which give the spider silk is vibrant red colour. This silk so desirable to the very prey’s they feed upon.

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