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Curse of the bunny

Beware little rabbit, beware.

The game has begun, be aware.

The curse has chosen a new runner.

Tonight, you will be the grand prize for a monster.

Many will come for you, sweetheart.

And none all, by you, will be outsmart.

Run little rabbit, run.

It is time for you to run.

This century I shall be the great winner.

From now on you are the prey and I the hunter.

By capturing you, luck will be by my side,

Riches and wealth to me will be tied.

Got you little rabbit, got you.

Now it’s just me and you.

Something I dreamed of long ago.

Time for me to get my prize.

In my hungry jaws you go.

No time to think twice.

Cry little rabbit, cry.

Once in my jaws, my throat will open for you a passageway,

To the deep of my belly you will go straightaway.

Where you and the luck that is promised are forever mine,

Leaving nothing for others to find.

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