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"Do not be blinded by the thirst of knowledge or it may devourer you whole instead"

Far, on the highest mountain of Animus, there is a hidden library where knowledge from all around the world is

gathered. Many demon yearning for truth and knowledge would venture on this deadly journey in the hope of finding answer to their query. The path is fill with danger and death making a lot of those adventurers despair along the journey. Only those with determination can ever get the chance to glance to the entrance that is the monument of knowledge.

Many adventurer, too hungry for the knowledge inside, would venture in without taking caution of the writing

outside notifying them of the rules to fallow and of the danger of breaking any of them. It’s only once they entered the library, that they would realize the error of their haste. Instead of there beast like form of everyday, they are met with a human form deprive of any magic ability. Such appearance is due to a jade gem centred inside the library seeping all spiritual energy. Strong or weak none can’t escape the power of the gem. None except for the Azeritza, the guardian of such knowledge.

The Azeritza is a creature with fox and owl like feature. Such being are smart and cunning making it difficult to dupe and even more difficult to escape from. The very sigh of such being, unbound to the effect of the gem, can bring fear to even the strongest beast their is. Its sigh and earring expand to the whole library itself make it difficult for any with the attention of breaking a rule unnoticed by the creature.

Once a rule is broken, the Azeritza would fly off her pillar centred in the very middle of the library and go after the target. Once caught, the bird like creature would quickly swallow the rule breaker in mere second in front of all to see. Once done, she would go back to her pillar with the prey struggling for dear life inside her prison of flesh.

Like many beast out there, the Azeritza has the ability to control her stomach and choose the moment of digestion. Our birded predator, for the sake of the library security, barely have the chance to enjoy her meal. Taking precaution, the Azeritza will quickly digest the law breaker leaving but regurgitate bones adding to the boneyard of those who has fallen before it deep below the library. Only there, will the true appearance of the prey remains be reveal.

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