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Height: 15.72ft | Weak to: water, poison | Diet: everything | Ability: fire frenzy

Reiji are a unique and exceptionally rare species of Soul as only one appears every thousand years however, when they are born they are the only youngling from the clutch of eggs to leave the *Great Hatchery.

The first few years of the Reiji’s birth are the most dangerous for their existence as they are too weak to defend themselves from the many Souls that would feed upon their vast source of **Shenshin, incomparable power to those that manage such a feast to do so.

Should the Reiji survive to be fully grown, they become a terrifying creature to face, able to burn any Soul to cinders in mere seconds and are well known for its fire frenzy, capable of burning a whole village with naught but a few flaps of its back wings, gaining the apt nickname of the Crimson Death.

They are easily recognizable by their three pairs of wings, one set attached to their back, another that makes up the arms and the final set upon their lower hips. Each plays an important part of their innate abilities and strengths.

The pair located upon their back help protect themselves against attacks and is hot enough to turn water to steam before it would touch upon its main body yet they are also adept at capturing foes within their grasp, turning them swiftly into ash.

The remaining sets of wings however are most commonly used for speed while in flight, helping propel themselves up to four thousand kilometres per hour, making them one of the fastest Souls to exist.

Every Reiji’s core is housed within its chest and is protected by a heat that turns most anything into liquids by proximity alone.

Being hunted down for its rarity, it isolate themselve away from all, only venturing out if necessary. Taking its humanoid form to keep a low profile from those who wish to capture it for its powerful essence.

*Place with the environment necessary to foster new life

**Energy that perpetuates the vitality of Souls

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