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Race: Chimera | Type: Gaichou | Rank/Threat: Low | Ability: Assimilation | Weakness: Sunlight

Chimeras are parasitic creature that survives within the Abyss of the Soul World. They gained their name from their constant change in shape as they assimilate various prey leaving no two chimeras being the exact same. They life in the Abyss section of their world where only the strong survive and is feared by all due to the creatures known as the *Dark Ones.

To survive this harsh environment, Chimeras live in packs of four to seven but their elusive and scavenger like nature has them viewed as one of the weakest Souls. It is however at adulthood that they become more of a threat due to their assimilation which now allows them to gain resistance or immunity to their prey, as well as knowledge. It is due to this that they cease their scavenger nature and begin to hunt their own.

Despite this ability to adapt and their ability to learn, they are never a match against giant creatures such as the **Yaju or the Dark Ones. In order to continue to survive, they seek a protector, a creature at the top of the food chain in which they can pledge their allegiance to. If such a creature accepts the offer, it would give some of its essence to solidify the symbiotic relationship between the two, if it declines, then death is the likely outcome.

*Creature locked away for their terrifying appetite and immoral taint by the human world

**giant beast like creature

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