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Name: Speciment 66 | Species: snake | Breed: Unkown | Nationality: unknown | Age: Unknown | Gender: Female?

lenght 28ft | Weight: +/- 700lb | Chest Size: B

Specimen 66 was found by Animal Control in the Greenfield Psychiatric Hospital. After a few weeks of research, it was found that the snake was one of the doctor's exotic pet that managed to escape from its tank while its owner was being attacked by one of his patients. No other information could be found on the reptile, nor could they identify its race. Without any information, Animal Control decided to leave the snake with a breeder, who specializes in venomous snakes.

The snake, and other highly venomous reptile were then sold to a secret facility named the Oboros, a secret laboratory with the goal of expanding one's longevity. Shortly after arriving at the facility, the snake became Subject 66, and was sent for venom extraction.

One day, after a big earthquake, the specimen was found hidden in the debris by a care taker. At that moment, Specimen 66 found out that its appearance had changed to a more humanoid form. Many tests were conducted to understand the cause of such a transformation, but no conclusive answers were found.

The Specimen ended locked up in an observation room in the utmost secrecy, and became the main focus of the facility. While the Specimen had a more human appearance, its primal ferocity hadn't changed. The owner of the facility decided to hire mercenaries for extra protection.

After months of observation, of the care taker discovered that the subject was capable of intelligence and understanding, though it didn't want to reveal its abilities to its captors.

After months of interaction between them, the care taker became Specimen 66's mentor. The subject then became less aggressive and more docile. But everything changed when its mentor betrayed it.

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