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Welcome to my little burrow!!!


My name is MousyLou and I am an illustrator who loves fantasy and monsters.  


On this site, you will have the ability to see different projects in the making, access to lore information, private content and more.



Lost Souls project

One of them being Lost Souls. A graphic novel about fantasy, love and monsters out of this world.


Follow the journey of two Lost Souls, one a lab experiment that has only recently tasted freedom, the other a mysterious girl hiding from the world with only spirits for company. Watch how their fates collide and their primal natures clash against one another all the while the lab tries to claim back what it's lost.

This comic has been in the making since 2012 and has been a big project of mine ever since. It had its share of problems and remakes along the way but it is still alive and well.  Now finally getting to where the original story left off. Will our noodle finally get her obsession filled and what secret is her human hiding only time will tell.

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Red Moon Festival project

Sometimes focusing on only one thing can be quite stressful and unmotivated at times. Which is why I decided to focus some of my thoughts on a little project called Monster Lore.


Each month to free my brain from anything Lost Souls-related I create a terrifying monster with a ferocious appetite. 

Each and every one of those monsters will belong to another story universe that I've been thinking about since 2020. This project is called Red Moon Festival.

Right now with my full-time job, it is impossible for me to create this comic but I can at least have some fun and create its monsters for now. 


And to make things even more interesting for us all, I created prey slots. A section where everyone can try becoming prey for one of those hungry monsters.

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Do you like my work and wish to help?


You can now support me and my work by becoming a paid member of this site. Where you will have access to even more content like progress and private rewards.

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