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Elfi B. Silverwing

Species: Human | Nationality: Canadian | Age: 20 | Gender: Female | Height: 5.10FT |

Weight: 172.04LBS | Chest Size: DD

Inmate S5-12-69, also known as ‘Elfi B. Silverwing’, was incarcerated at the age of seven after been found guilty of the ‘Greenfield Orphanage Massacre’ where an estimated of fifty people died including the emergency response team attempting to quell the fire. S5-12-69 was the only survive of the fire, seen escaping from the building covered in blood.

While initially believed to be an accident, the autopsy upon the victims of the ‘Greenfield Orphanage Massacre’ were all to be found with signs of death prior to the fire itself and the few bodies not completely consumed by the fire all consisted of white eyes. Despite this however, the true cause of death is unknown.

Given that S5-12-69 is the only survivor, as well as their noted appearance upon fleeing the orphanage, they were noted as the prime suspect. Questioning of S5-12-69 about such events lead one to question their psyche as they claim: “Unseen monsters with a strange mask” were the true cause of this event.

Inmate S5-12-69 has since been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and placed within a psychiatric hospital though despite the best efforts of various psychiatrists, none have managed to interact with the second personality the child describes as a monster with three pairs of wings and a porcelain mask. The only other information gained during S5-12-69’s stay was by listening to their dreams; a monster chained behind a red door that they refused to open in fear of another inferno of death.

Additional note: S5-12-69 has gained the moniker ‘Red Fairy’ from those involved in the case due to their unique eye condition and the grim fairy-tale like story they gave in regards to the Orphanage.

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